Micro flat fan nozzles


Serial production of a high precision cleaning nozzle

"The combination of manufacturing precision, good material properties as well as fast and flexible production was the decisive reason for IBAK to use this technology for the series production of the cleaning nozzles for the new milling head".

Janina Galinski, Head of Marketing and Product Management at IBAK
Our customer, IBAK Helmut Hunger GmbH & Co. KG, where looking for the optimal production technology for the cleaning nozzle of the camera system of their pipe cleaning robot "Nanogator".

Customer Challenge
  • New product development of pipe cleaning robot
  • Cleaning solution for camera system necessary
  • Commercial flat spray nozzles not available in this small, compact design. Narrowest point of the nozzle channel measures only 85 µm.

Material and Process Requirements
  • High demands for resolution and acutance of the printed plastic components. Acutance of the nozzle channel is decisive for the functionality of the nozzle. Water jet breaks off at a sharp edge and produces a perfect flat jet.
  • Component permanently in contact with water, thus low water absorption of the material and constant material properties required
  • Water temperature during operation approx. 70°C
  • Material must withstand stress from repeated temperature cycles
  • Production scrap < 10 %

Market Screening and Success
IBAK performed a screening of various photopolymerization-based technologies - and then decided for Precision SF from Cubicure (a special formulation based on Cubicure Precision):

The required high resolution and acutance were only met with the hot lithography processes and the production plant Caligma 200, and the material shows low water absorption and consistent quality long-term properties (test period > 1 year).
Rinsing process of camera lens of the milling robot Nanogator