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CSS - Software
Cubicure Support & Slice

CSS is a professional, comprehensive and platform-independent software solution for the preparation of digital 3D models.

Cubicure CSS is an extensive tool for editing STL-files, creating support geometries and generating building layers for various addtive manufacturing technologies - from stereolithography based systems (Hot Lithography, SLA, DLP) to powder-based AM technologies.

Especially for Cubicure’s Hot Lithography Technology predefined parameter sets allow a fast, reliable and user-friendly preparation of printing jobs.

A user-friendly GUI facilitates the simple import of several surface models (e.g. CATIA 4/5/6, SolidWorks, Inventor, etc.)*, conversion of data into STL formats as well as STL repair and geometry editing.

CSS offers extensive features and opportunities such as manual or automatic support structure generation. Settings and parameters are optimized for Cubicure's Hot Lithography Technology.

Besides quick object modifications such as rotate, scale and mirror CSS provides further options:
  • Tool for hollowing parts for faster build and hence reducing waste of raw material
  • 3D-text or image tagging of AM models
  • Instrument for surface texturing
  • Generating 2D drawings from AM workspace for model and manufacturing documentation

With CSS as a software solution Cubicure offers another important product for the additive manufacturing value chain. Coordinated working processes from digital model preparation to 3D printed parts enable fast, reliable and easy to use additive manufacturing.

CSS was developed by Cubicure in collaboration with software provider DeskArtes based on 3Data Expert®.

*Optional modules may be necessary. More information upon request.

System requirements

Operating system: Windows® 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
CPU Type: Intel® Core i5, i7 or AMD® A6, A8 processor
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Display card: AMD® Radeon or Nvidia® Geforce
Windows® version: 64bit