Caligma 200: The Hot Lithography production plant

With its patented Hot Lithography technology, Cubicure’s Caligma 200 production plant enables the easy and professional processing of high performance photopolymers. The core of this technology is a specifically developed heating and coating mechanism which can process resins and pastes of the highest viscosity (at processing temperatures up to 120°C) with highest reliability and precision. Machine design focused on the combination of flexibility of usable materials and the greatest possible process safety.

Precisely defined and controlled process parameters for Cubicure’s standard materials as well as the finest adaptability for new developments or material combinations make the Caligma 200 an unrivaled additive tool for research and development tasks. Furthermore, it enables the economic production of small and medium batch sizes of polymer parts and composites.

The Caligma 200 excels in its high-quality servo actuators, Beckhoff’s PLC control system on EtherCAT basis and the solid machine and component construction. Furthermore, due to the outstanding manufacturing accuracy of up to 10 µm (beam diameter at laser focus), this additive manufacturing plant is the most flexible production tool for micro fabrication.

A building envelop of 200 mm x 100 mm enables part and series production up to a height of 300 mm at each printing cycle with an adjustable layer height from 10 to 100 µm.

Take advantage of this enormously time saving digital and tool-less production technology! Develop and produce polymer parts faster, more efficient and with more precision than ever before!

Hot coating technology

The patented hot coating technology enables the safe use of elevated temperatures during the polymerization process. A heated plate carries thin layers of the photosensitive material into the processing area where a laser selectively cures it in a layer-by-layer approach.
The unique set-up of the material carrier plate guarantees a constant operating temperature of the photopolymer without overheating it. The heat transfer from the carrier plate into the photopolymer is precisely controlled. This well-defined process temperature makes it possible to run a safe and stable printing process for days. The remaining photopolymer can be used in the following printing jobs.

Laser light engine

The Caligma 200 production plant incorporates a high-end laser light engine for the finest manufacturing precision. On customer request, the machine can be configured with a laser wave length in the visible range (405 nm, Caligma 200) or in the UV range (375 nm, Caligma 200 UV). The used diode lasers are from premium segments of industrial suppliers and guarantee highest beam quality (M² < 1.15) as well as high power constancy over a long lifetime. The laser precision is also adapted during machine construction and can be selected in the range between 10 and 100 µm. Hereby, precision trades for process economics. Cubicure recommends a standard setup with a 25 µm laser focus diameter.

Material refill – Cubicure’s exchangeable cartridges

A controlled material refilling mechanism ensures stable processing. To satisfy this aspect in the Hot Lithography process, Cubicure developed a cartridge based refilling system. Cubicure’s 300 ml material cartridges can be exchanged in a heated cartridge holder. The selection of pre-defined, material specific parameter sets in the Caligma 200 production plant, guarantees reproducible manufacturing quality in every printing job. The machine automatically monitors the material filling level as well as the loading status of the cartridges and informs the user about a potential refill need.