Expertise in photopolymers

In most cases, lithography-based 3D-printed polymer parts have not yet taken the step into industrial applications and productions. This is due to the poor material properties of the available photopolymers. Due to their molecule structure and high crosslinking density, they are brittle and lose their stiffness at elevated temperatures.
Cubicure offers high performance photopolymers and an additive manufacturing process to overcome this dilemma.


Inspired by technical thermoplasts like PP or ABS, Cubicure uses a new kind of polymer chemistry and molecule structure to develop tough and heat resistant photopolymers which fulfill requirements of technical components for industrial applications.

Always the right material

Cubicure offers the possibility to customize material properties or to develop new photopolymer formulations. Thus, application specific requirements to 3D-printed polymer parts can be mastered. In addition to the Cubicure’s in-house R&D activities in the field of high performance photopolymers, the extensive know-how of TU Wien in the fields of material science and synthesis chemistry can be used.

Highly viscous resins

Cubicure uses highly viscous resins which can be processed in a three-dimensional manner by the especially developed Hot Lithography (HL) process. These photopolymers can relieve impact energies through plastic deformation. They excel in high impact strength, high elongation at break and high heat deflection temperatures.

Comprehensive material testing

To guarantee the highest material quality and reliability, Cubicure performs a comprehensive material characterization for each photopolymer. In doing so, Cubicure guarantees highest test standards and reproducibility of test results.

Filled and unfilled Photopolymers

The Cubicure portfolio includes filled as well as unfilled photopolymers. By using special filler materials, a functionalization of high performance polymers is possible and allows the variation of electrical, magnetic or flame-retardant properties. Furthermore, highly filled composite materials can be offered and processed in the HL process.

Save production time

For each material developed by Cubicure, customers obtain a specific parameter set for the processing with the HL printing technique. This ensures that the customer can manufacture polymer parts of the highest quality in a fast way and independent of the desired lot size.